Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
My friend Rosey has started painting beautiful pet portraits! She works from photographs, so no matter where you are, she can whip up a portrait of your pet. Check it ooooout!

joey comeau
Adrian Comeau

My brother Adrian (pictured here looking very handsome) has written a novel, and is selling the ebook on Amazon. He describes it (accurately, I think) like this:

"Demonic possession, Countless cinematic references, vomit filled pillowcases, the intention to love, and the intention to be loved. Sometimes those voices in our heads tell us to do all the wrong things, but in all the right ways.The story is split into two perspectives and follows "I" and "She" in a post punk comedy/horror/romance novella with a price tag akin to a pumpkin spiced latte."

Adrian and I are different in a lot of ways, (some of which we touched on in this interview we did a few years ago) and you'll find that we have very different styles, but we share a lot of the same obsessions. (he, too, has a tattoo of a Kirkbride mental institution floorplan.) It's exciting to me that he's writing. This is his first novel, and I really hope it does well.