Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Lessons I have Learned from Volume I of The Complete Sherlock Holmes - 1) Brandy cures all ills, from fainting spells to severed thumbs. 2) A London cab will take you anywhere in the surrounding countryside, provided you pay enough. 3) Wives are unfailingly patient when their doctor husbands gallivant about the nation solving crimes. 4) Poor Watson has been done a disservice by his bumbling film incarnations. What shall I learn from Volume II?
joey comeau
Saturday is Business Day: I spent a few hours this morning fixing the ASW code a bit. Now it picks randomly which news post comes up first, mine or emily's (which you will notice on refreshing this page once or twice) and I linked each news posts to its specific comic. A comic without a post displays a default. So, from now on any news post you see will always be on the page for that comic. We added some links to other comics down below the news, and there'll be more small changes like this soon. Fixed the RSS feed to link the individual comic.

I also started using my twitter account, so if you have a high tolerance for inanity and video game talk, you can follow me on there! Find out if I can put a stop to that damned Umbrella Corporation!