Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
As if Wednesday didn't have a big enough head already, she's been all over the webcomics world of late.

You may recognize a certain black fuzzy mass in Scary Go Round, for instance. If you really want to show off your Wednesday love, Kate Beaton has a shirt or a tote bag to soothe your ravaged soul.
joey comeau
Overqualified is a small press book from Canada, so my hopes of a review in the New York Times are probably a bit ridiculous. A boy can dream, though! A Softer World gets 90,000 readers on our good days. And some of you must be review writers for newspapers or magazines, or the 'internet equivalent!' Or maybe some of you know review writers! Is this a fact? If so, will you drop me an email and I will have ECW send you a review copy.

If you do know somebody at the New York Times, or like, the Village Voice or Washington Post book world, for god's sake, please also email me!