Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
We really dropped the ball on letting people know ahead of time, but Joey and I were at the New England Webcomics Weekend! On the first night I might have had too many opinions (see above (or below)), but otherwise things went swimmingly. Turns out maybe webcomics-makers are the nicest ever, even the ones you think might be scary. Perhaps even especially those ones?

We were wined (beer-ed?) and dined by the excellent people of TopatoCo, and when I wasn't meeting folks at our table I explored their really great building. Now I'm beset with jealousy that I don't have an enormous factory to wander around. I took some photos, of course.
joey comeau
The webcomic weekend was amazing. I laughed. I cried. Emily and I got so drunk on the webcomic pub crawl, and we agreed to prevent one another from having opinions. We should, I suppose, have specified that punching Jeff Rowland in the dick was an opinion of sorts.

Also, the LA Times book blog reviewed Overqualified. They liked it! My publisher wanted me to ask people if they would post Amazon reviews, if they've bought the book, but it seemed tacky so I am mentioning in a tricky way where I say it seems tacky but still mention it. I just want to make my mom proud. And make so much money I can buy Jeff Rowland a gold prosthetic testicle to apologize for punching his dick.