Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I have three short and unrelated things to tell you about today:

The aftermath of NEWW has finally convinced me that what I need in this life is a twitter account. So here we go down the long road of endless triviality. Please note I cannot promise I will be entertaining!

My friend Steph went to Berlin last year, and she's finally posted some of her photos! You can see some great shots of her exploration of the abandoned Beelitz Military Hospital here.

I watched The Philadelphia Story for the first time last night, and DAMN it is possibly the most quotable film ever in time. "The prettiest sight in this fine pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges", eh what?
joey comeau
The Toronto book launch for Overqualified is going to be Tuesday April 7th. Emily will be there, and Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, and Derek McCormack, and maybe Kate Beaton! And others! I am going to have a bunch of friends read a letter or two. This way the readings are short, and it isn't just me the whole time. I'll read a bit, too. And there'll be a couple bands playing short sets. And we're gonna try and project softer world comics on the wall the whole while in the background. And it will just be party time in Toronto! Please come! We can be friends.

Overqualified book launch.
Tuesday, April 7th
6 Nassau st. in Kensington Market

I will see you there, maybe!