Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
So it turns our BlogTO came to the Graphically Speaking panel at the North York Library! They wrote about it, even. We all look pretty grim in the photos, except for Willow Dawson who looks adorable, but in real life there were laughs had by all! Later there was foolishness at Joey's Overqualified launch. It was certainly much livelier than your average book launch, what with the fun bands and the strategic shirtlessness.

The Week of Insanity continues with the Titans of Small Town, a one-night show at 303Grand in Brooklyn. Chris Hastings and Ryan North are going to be there too, plus original art from Chris Onstad. Oh man it's going to be amazing, PLUS we got walkie-talkies (the best-named device ever?) for the drive down! 10-4, good buddies.
joey comeau
Thanks to everyone who came out to the book launch on Tuesday. Every book launch should start with someone kicking in a glass door. Fuck that was exciting. Why is the sound of breaking glass so wonderful? The bands were great. The Ghost is Dancing and Heaven - I don't think anyone expected a book launch to have so much NOISE. It was like one big room full of sound. I had so much fun. And Emily and Kate Beaton and Ryan North and Derek McCormack read letters from my book as did some of my very best friends, and I hugged strangers. And then the night gets a little fuzzy. You know - the awesome kind of fuzzy where you sign up to sing Eye of the Tiger and later on wake up at home and someone on Twitter has posted "Apparently the plans I turned down last night involved two of my friends nearly having a threesome w/ Joey Comeau. I gotta start going out!" I love the whole world. Especially pretty girls and their pretty boyfriends?

The whole nightmare was arranged by This Ain't the Rosedale Library an awesome bookstore in Kensington Market.

Emily took a few pictures.

Also, someone let that Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal maniac write a kid's comic. He also made an iPhone game? Who does he think he is?