Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
If you'd like to see some of my photos from TCAF, they are here, and there's a whole pool of other people's shots here, too! With so many photos, it is impossible to forget.

So, in ten days or so, I'm going on a mini tour with Joey, to promote his new book Overqualified! We've got some events set up, and a couple more still to be worked out. The event on the 30th of May is in Easthampton MA at the offices of intrepid retailers TopatoCo. They could use some help postering, if you live in the area email TopatoCo to get details. Volunteers are guaranteed a gift bag and some awkward hugs!
joey comeau
Some guys followed us around all day and ended up with this video doc thing: Making of A Softer World (Yeah, we hang out with Ryan North in the park all day. Every day.)

The best book I bought at TCAF was the DAR collection by Erika Moen. It is awesome and a bit dirty. And by a bit dirty, I mean that she sent it to a company to have it printed, and they refused, because the content was too explicit. So she sent it somewhere else, and they also refused. In the end, she had to have it printed in Canada! (We'll print anything.) But, for a book that they refused to print because it is filth, it is surprisingly sweet, which you already know if you read Dar online.

Also, you should find me on, my username is 'untoward' and I'm trying to play more often.