Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Joey and I started making news posts in early 2008, but we didn't have archives for them until now! So I'm going to repost here some of my old links here: Society in Decline:Intrastate Commerce - yet more evidence that the USA (in general) has done a better job holding on to great midcentury signage. Year 2008 in Photographs - the Boston Globe's The Big Picture has a three-part best of series, this is part one. Foodpairing - teaches you how to combine your foods in new ways, AND it has suggestions for substitutions. The Selby - beautiful photographs of beautiful people in their beautiful homes. Like the best decor magazine you've ever seen without all the ads for flooring. Früli - the fruitiest beer I've ever drunk. Free Rice - show off your vocabulary AND feed people. Corey Arnold - the coldest, loveliest photos you'll ever see. Ali Bosworth - a photographer who lived in Victoria when I was there. Maybe the opposite of the above shots, Bosworth's tend to be warm and drowsy.
joey comeau
My brother Adrian bought me a new jacket. I think it is pretty cool, though I would be a bit nervous about buying something like this for myself. Whenever I put it on, though, I start to think I'm Dean Winchester.

I am super excited for my copy of T-Minus: Race to the moon by Jim Ottaviani, who writes these amazing scientist biography comics. One of my very favourite books is his Suspended in Language: Niels Bohr's Life, Discoveries, And The Century He Shaped. A comic book biography of Niels Bohr. It's so well done, sometimes funny, always engaged with the man's life and engaged too with his ideas. There are others, a biography of Oppenheimer that I liked a lot, but the story of Niels Bohr won me over in a way I hadn't felt since I first read The Man who Loved Only Numbers about Paul Erdos. I have a weakness for a good biography. (okay, one more: Have you read Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy? It's so amazing. It's a book about the kids who invented the first multi user operating systems. About the people who pushed video games further and further, and about the first personal computers. It's a book about people who get obsessed with ideas and don't let go, and I love it.)