Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Gravy keeps on inserting itself into my life this week? First a pal was asking about the proportions for veggie gravy, then my friend Jonah wrote up a lengthy paean to the sauce on his excellent food blog today. Tomorrow must be a day for making poutine, the fates have decided.

Is there any way to segue from gravy to Star Trek? Maybe not, but that's what else I'm spending my time on these days. Jeremy and I are watching TNG from the beginning, he's even started a tumblr featuring daily screenshots of everyone's favourite Number One. Ryan linked to it earlier this week and because he is an Important Dude, one of his fans syndicated our friend Commander Riker on Livejournal as well, so you can follow it there!
joey comeau
News! My new book will be coming out in the spring! It is about lesbians and dead moms and weird not-quite-dead creatures. It is based on One Bloody Thing After Another. Emily and I sometimes joke that A Softer World is mostly about lesbians, dead moms and zombies, and so at first that was how I referred to the book. But it's not really about zombies. They're just weird bloody violent creatures. Also, youthful vandalism and vomiting ghosts and young love! Spring '10! Also, My book Overqualified just had its third printing! You guys are great. Where would I be without such a lovely group of people crazy enough to enjoy my off-kilter nonsense? Off-kilter nonsense? Who talks like that? I'm so sorry. I'm just sort of giddy because I sold my new book and I love you.