Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Because I am a crazy person who is crazy, I've been keeping track of the movies I watch and the books I read for the past couple of years. Every July and January I do up a list on the ol' Livejournal. Here's the movies and books for the first half of 2009! The book list took me forever to put together this year, who knows why? Mini attention span, most likely.

Now it's time to have ice cream for breakfast!
joey comeau
Loose Teeth has a set of zombie-themed A Softer World mini-prints available in a very limited quantity for a very limited time: the next two weeks. From the site: "Here's the deal. You can order the set of 5 cards on their own for $7.00 shipping included, or you can get them for free if you buy the A Softer World book from our online store page."

And Overqualified is back in stock at both and! Also, it is finally out in the UK!

I have been working on the One Bloody Thing After Another book forever now. Oh my goodness, I am excited about it. I can be excited about my own book, right? I like the idea of horror that makes you sad sometimes instead of scared. And I like the idea of horror books full of jokes, so that when you're expecting another joke you get something unsettling instead. And Happy Endings! And lesbians and dead moms who won't stay dead. And sudden unexpected retaliatory violence. And pink pink pink. This is my "vision."

Spring 2010! THE FUTURE!