Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I just wanted to remind you that you've got until Monday the 27th to order the A Softer World book from Loose Teeth Press and get some free mini zombie prints for your trouble. You can order them HERE.

My favourite newly-discovered website is Infrastructurist (a word I find unconscionably difficult to type). Read it and ye shall find therein photos of demolished American railway stations and a link to a water use calculator, among other articles designed to appeal to me and my lily-livered environmentalist ilk.
joey comeau
The best book I've read this year is The Show That Smells by Derek McCormack. Here's an LA Times review.

It's published in the good old US of A by Little House on the Bowery, but personally, I think the Canadian edition is much nicer, if you're into books as objects, too. The cover is crazier, with those letters being a very bright, very appealing shiny pink. It is printed by Coach House, so the paper's thicker and nicer, and there's great weird typographic stuff, where letters are sometimes red because they have blood on them. Vampires and carnivals and sawdust and baby blood cotton candy. How is your Monday going?