Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Hey, remember the ASW fan art flickr tag? I just added a new one for a non-flickr-account-having fan, then checked out the new additions. There are over 500 now! Excellent.

Our friend Tim has been posting some great stuff lately over on his blog, Quiet Babylon. Take a look if you like cyborgs, or architecture, or thoughtful futurism.
joey comeau
Man, I was thinking about unrequited love. I figure it's best to just walk that shit off. Find someone else to be excited about. It's like if you love ice cream but your ice cream man friend won't give you any. Maybe he's got a good reason. It cuts into profits. Who knows? But he likes you as a friend and wants to hang out anyway. It just drives you crazy to hang out with that dude, even if he's being reasonable from his point of view. So don't hang out with him. What, you ONLY like ice cream? It's ice cream or nothing? Don't be an asshole. Learn to love donuts.