Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
"This is what I'm doing? I've flown across the country, blown the money and the carbon credits, to get wiggy in a bar in Mirvish Village? This is heavy. This is supposed to be a work trip! Where are the contacts? Where are the literary dinners and book store visits? What do these fucking lights want with my soul? I...need some air, I feel extremely unusual."

You will never, ever have a weekend like this one, so put down the Hunter Thompson novel, get a bottle of Wild Turkey, go dig your credit card out of the block of ice you've frozen it into, and buy this zine. Read it, remember it. Easy.
joey comeau
West Cost tour! While we don't know the exact locations and dates of the readings yet, we've set up facebook events that you can add yourself to now, so we can get an idea of how many people are going to be in each place, which helps us plan. You can get to the Facebook events by following the links below:

Victoria, BC
Vancouver, BC
San Francisco
San Diego

And then we are going to London, England for Nov 13/14. What else will we do in Europe? God only knows!