Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I've been following Ray Fenwick's drawings through my flickr contacts (I like having illustrations mixed in with the photographs, it's more interesting that way!) for a while, now. Today I noticed that he's got a nice piece up on Tiny Showcase. It's a lovely two-colour letterpress print called "Twelve Stories". We love a story told in few words here at A Softer World Universal Headquarters, as you can probably tell. Some of the money made from the sale of the prints goes to a charity, and Ray's is the Khyber, an awesome artist-run centre in Halifax. That's where the zine fairs were held where Joey and I debuted ASW! History in the making, or whatever!
joey comeau
So, we are getting very close to the tour now! I fly to Vancouver on the 8th! That' the first stop. I am touring for my book Overqualified and I am very excited to meet you. What if we become friends?

Are you in the UK, or Ireland? You should go to our tour page and find the facebook event for your city and sign up! The more people we know are coming, the easier it'll be to book a store to read at. We may have to cut a city or two, if there's not enough interest.

Mike from Loose Teeth will be touring with me, and he's got all the LT books on sale right now, for 5 or 10 dollars.