Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I got back from San Francisco yesterday, never happier to switch to my dear bilingual Canadian airline after a total fiasco at the United check-in desk. APE was amazing, loads of great stuff in such a wonderful space! Plus the pre-show mixer was in the labyrinthine Last Gasp Books, without a doubt the nicest warehouse I've ever drunk wine in.

And of course, not all of our time was spent working...some of it was spent in a limo being ridiculous!
joey comeau
The west coast part of the book tour is over, but Mike and I are still on the road. We had to skip LA and San Diego, and now I guess this is a different sort of tour. I do not know what kind of tour exactly. I only know that we're out of books and we keep moving. We're in SF for another couple days, and then we're going to San Diego and then Mexico. I have bad feelings. We're probably going to die in international waters.

If not, we'll be in Toronto for Canzine, then Montreal, then in mid-November we're crossing the Atlantic for readings in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris. Moderation is like a foreign language. You have to learn that shit when you're young.