Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I am getting myself ready to drive to Montreal on Friday for Expozine! We shall see if making a long drive on Friday the 13th is tempting fate just a little too much. Anyway, provided I make it in one piece, you should come down to Expozine if you're in town, it is free to come and visit! Your friend and mine Ms Kate Beaton will be there, among so many others.

As unlikely as it may seem, we have reached the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, that's right, it's time for HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES! So click away to find out when you have to order your delightful TopatoCo goodies before everyone at the post office goes on holidays. Tragic coincidence (well, that and Gremlins) tells us all that apocalypse is likely to strike during joyous family celebrations, so you'd best get prepared.
joey comeau
I am leaving for London. Mike and I will be in London this weekend on the 13th and 14th. Event details here. Then we'll be in Edinburgh for a reading on the 16th at The Bowery! Edinburgh details. And then a final stop in Dublin at Trinity College on the 20th. Event details here (more to come, sorry it's still a bit spare)

After this, I'll be staying in Europe til the 4th of December. Where should I go? I sort of want to see Berlin! Is it 'awesome' ?