Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
What do you know! A new week. So I've been following (and kind of obsessively reblogging on my tumblr a blog called Iconic Photos which you might want to check out if you like looking at interesting shots From History (+ the present, occasionally) plus some delightful contextual remarks!

As unlikely as it may seem, we have reached the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, that's right, it's time for HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES! So click away to find out when you have to order your delightful TopatoCo goodies before everyone at the post office goes on holidays. Tragic coincidence (well, that and Gremlins) tells us all that apocalypse is likely to strike during joyous family celebrations, so you'd best get prepared.
joey comeau
We've had to cancel our Dublin stop, which sucks. But the airline lost a whole box of books, leaving us with nothing at all after London and Edinburgh. I think we'll come back in the new year sometime, though! I still really hope to do a wider UK tour and some Irish stops. I like it here.