Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Joey and I are going to ROFLCon in Boston! We'll spend our time there shaking hands and making trouble (and also drooling all over the MIT bookstore, man that place is The Most). You can still register if you want to come! Of course, this could all be for nought if the Giant Cloud of Volcanic Ash doesn't get out of the dang way. Although, I am intrigued by the notion of a tramp steamer voyage across the Atlantic...I can tie a mean clove hitch, after all.

GUESS WHAT? A Softer World Book 1 is back in stock at TopatoCo! You can buy it alone, or with its good buddy ASW Book 2.
joey comeau
We All Got it Coming is the 2nd book in the Lockpick Pornography trilogy, and you can now read the entire book online.

We All Got it Coming!

I hope you like it.