Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Joey and I are coming to ROFLCon in Boston! We'll spend our time there shaking hands and making trouble (and also drooling all over the MIT bookstore, man that place is The Most). On Saturday, you can find us at the TopatoCo table between 2pm and 3 for all your book-buying and boob-signing needs.

GUESS WHAT? A Softer World Book 1 is back in stock at TopatoCo! You can buy it alone, or with its good buddy ASW Book 2.
joey comeau

The We Are Become Pals book is here! You can buy it right now, for $16 in hardcover! It is a book that feels nice to read, and feels nice to hold in your hand. In hardcover it makes the perfect gift for your own best friend.

It's a hard book to describe, but this is the blurb we came up with:

We are Become Pals is the story of Jane and Helen, and of their friendship. As with all friendships, it is a story filled with cops, lockpicks, astronauts, secret codes, face punching and quiet moments where you realize that you aren't alone in the world.

The hardcover has all the original chapters (which you can still read online for free right here), and all new material that follows their friendship further into their lives, as they get old and crotchety and awesome together.