Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Hey folks, I'm on the road right now, trundling through England on the train. I've been rapturous about the train system here in the UK, and lots of Brits are grumbling that it's not as good as Europe or Japan. I'm sure that's true! But you have to look at the rail map for Canada and the one for the UK to see where I'm coming from. Sometimes it's difficult to come from such a relatively sparsely-populated, huge country. I'll comfort myself with...trees, I guess?

Lots of trip photos are going up on my flickr, if you're up for looking.
joey comeau
Just a reminder, Wednesday June 2nd, I'll be at Westminster Books in Fredericton, NB between 7pm and 8:30pm, hanging out and signing books and slowly depleting my hug supply. Also, I will be selling my new book, and the 2nd ASW collection! Please come!