Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Thanks for your patience everyone! We're really sorry we were down for a couple of days, but we've moved to a new hosting service now. Things might still be a bit bumpy for a few days, please bear with us. In the meantime, you can look at some photos from my trip to Belgium last week. Flickr has installed some new features; if you're logged in, you can look at a slideshow of the photos on a sexy black background by clicking the magnifier on the top right hand corner of the photo. Good times, huh?
joey comeau
It is pride weekend! Happy pride you dumb queers! I... I love you.

Also, here are a couple quotes that have made my day:

"But much like the sadistic whimsy of Joss Whedon, Comeau has the proficiency to make his reader develop an intense sense of compassion for his characters-then has the audacity to do terrible, terrible things to them before our very eyes. "


"It is safe to say that this book's grisly finale contains just about the most affectionate and kindhearted evisceration this reviewer has ever read. It doesn't get much lovelier-and bloodier-than this."

- From the FANGORIA review of my book One Bloody Thing After Another!