Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Thanks for your patience everyone! We're really sorry we were down for a couple of days, but we've moved to a new hosting service now. Things might still be a bit bumpy for a few days, please bear with us. In the meantime, you can look at some photos from my trip to Belgium last week. Flickr has installed some new features; if you're logged in, you can look at a slideshow of the photos on a sexy black background by clicking the magnifier on the top right hand corner of the photo. Good times, huh?
joey comeau
I got a good review:

"But much like the sadistic whimsy of Joss Whedon, Comeau has the proficiency to make his reader develop an intense sense of compassion for his characters-then has the audacity to do terrible, terrible things to them before our very eyes. "


"It is safe to say that this book's grisly finale contains just about the most affectionate and kindhearted evisceration this reviewer has ever read. It doesn't get much lovelier-and bloodier-than this."

- From the FANGORIA review of my book One Bloody Thing After Another!