Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
A whole bunch of TopatoCo dudes are at the biggest nerd party ever this week! If you are in San Diego, you should pop over to the TopatoCo Sausage Party booth (#1231) and tell 'em emily sent you for free Earnest Handshakes That Go On a Little Too Long.

Have you checked out Brandon Bird's These are Their Stories series? It's illustrations by lots of great artists, each one based on the one-line description of Law & Order episode. They're not all up yet, but there are some fantastic ones! If you live in LA, there is a gallery show of the pieces at the end of the month.
joey comeau
Did you know that AXE COP and DR MCNINJA are on a team? A TEAM UP! That poster is so awesome. Is this what it felt like back when people actually got excited that Wolverine was gonna be in a Spiderman comic?

Also exciting: There is finally an Overcompensating book! Overcompensating is awesome, in my humble opinion.

What else? Oh, please start referring to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joseph Dreamboat-Levitt. It is more accurate and correct.