Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
A whole bunch of TopatoCo dudes are at the biggest nerd party ever this week! If you are in San Diego, you should pop over to the TopatoCo Sausage Party booth (#1231) and tell 'em emily sent you for free Earnest Handshakes That Go On a Little Too Long.

Have you checked out Brandon Bird's These are Their Stories series? It's illustrations by lots of great artists, each one based on the one-line description of Law & Order episode. They're not all up yet, but there are some fantastic ones! If you live in LA, there is a gallery show of the pieces at the end of the month.
joey comeau
The National Post has been serializing my novel One Bloody Thing After Another, and here are the chapters so far.

Did you know that AXE COP and DR MCNINJA are on a team? A TEAM UP! That poster is so awesome. Is this what it felt like back when people actually got excited that Wolverine was gonna be in a Spiderman comic?

Also exciting: There is finally an Overcompensating book! Overcompensating is awesome, in my humble opinion.

What else? Oh, please start referring to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joseph Dreamboat-Levitt. It is more accurate and correct.