Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Ryan has a great challenge going on with his readers - he's getting people to sign up to use their computers' downtime to solve problems with the World Community Grid. The Dinosaur Comics group has more members than the French, and IBM! if you want to join them you can do that right here!

I could not POSSIBLY be more excited that there is a BEARTATO BOOK courtesy of our fine friend Anthony Clark. If I was going to SPX this weekend, I'd totally be picking up a copy and rubbing it on my face.
joey comeau
For the month of September I will be keeping a blog over at Open Book Toronto, where I am writing about books, I guess? So far I have made fun of writers who decide they are fashion designers, and talked about suicide among other things. If you have any questions, I could also answer writerly questions over there. I'm very brilliant and successful, you know. Sometimes I even have money for rent! Email me! I miss you.