Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I just started up my French classes again! It's exciting times, let me tell you. I asked this on twitter a while back, but I figure I may have more French-speaking readers over here: does anyone out there know any entertaining French podcasts? I'm not looking for classes in podcast form, moreso good radio shows or general interest podcasts. Email me if you have any ideas?
joey comeau
Here are 5 "favourite books" that are warning signs on dating profiles. It's a blog post I made over at Open Book Toronto and I bet you can guess #1 on that list.

I will be reading at The Holy Oak Book Club in Toronto this week! Saturday the 25th, which is also the day before my birthday. You should come! I will have hugs and firm handshakes, and it would be nice to meet you!

Also, my favourite book is Tekkon Kinkreet, which is the most exciting, strangest, sweetest book I've ever read. I love it. And I almost passed it by initially because normally Manga is not to my tastes. But it is wonderful!