Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Oh internet, you've taken up so much of my day, how about I take up some of yours in retaliation. So I've got kind of a creepy obsession with Edith Zimmerman (especially her Letters to the Editors of Women's Magazines) and so I was beyond stoked to find that she's doing a site as part of the Awl's nascent blog network. Here's a little sample, which ends delightfully weirdly. I HOPE IT LASTS FOREVER

The other thing you should look at with your eyes is I like this blog. Get ready for really well-curated art, everybody!
joey comeau
My new book, Bible Camp Bloodbath is now available! If you're interested, I put it online for free for you to read!
Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4.
Chapter 5.
Chapter 6.
Chapter 7.
Chapter 8.
Chapter 9.
Chapter 10.
Chapter 11.
Chapter 12.
Chapter 13.

I hope that you like it, and I hope you buy a copy too. Or show your friends, or tell your influential blogger mom to link it without mentioning what it is about. It's a bit scary doing this by myself (meaning without my publisher), but also kind of exciting! They wanted to do it in 2012, and we could all be dead by then. Anyway, Bible Camp Bloodbath. Just in time for Christmas. Wish me luck.