Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Oh internet, you've taken up so much of my day, how about I take up some of yours in retaliation. So I've got kind of a creepy obsession with Edith Zimmerman (especially her Letters to the Editors of Women's Magazines) and so I was beyond stoked to find that she's doing a site as part of the Awl's nascent blog network. Here's a little sample, which ends delightfully weirdly. I HOPE IT LASTS FOREVER

The other thing you should look at with your eyes is I like this blog. Get ready for really well-curated art, everybody!
joey comeau
Lately I've been reading Language Log a lot, and I am reading two really great books! The first is The Addams Family: an Evilution which I am mostly treating as a collection of his Addams Family cartoons, though some of the bio stuff is good too. It's very pretty, and I am fighting the urge to cut pages out to put up as prints.

And I am reading The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch, which Emily wouldn't stop talking about, so I bought it! Any book that makes Emily say "intense" that much has got to be good.