Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
So I bought this pretty edition of David Foster Wallace's Broom of the System when Joey and I were in Ohio. I read two-thirds of it, then made the mistake of putting it down for a while and came back to it this week. Now: SO CONFUSED. Let this be a lesson to you, all ye who resolved to read Infinite Jest (or even other DFW fiction) this year - don't put it down and think it'll be fine to pick up again later!

If you'd rather read comics, this little snippet from Octopus Pie is cute and funny, even though it's about a maddening topic.
joey comeau
Happy new year! I am excited about all the sex I will maybe have this year. And the friendly hugs. But those are better experienced in the moment, where I think sex anticipation is pretty great all on its own even before the actual sex. Okay, let's be honest, I have never had sex. Also, is this the year when I finally take chinese lessons?