Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Just in case you need some weekend reading, here's a couple of stories I enjoyed over the last couple of days. This piece from Foreign Policy dives into the insanely moneyed world of Teodorin, the son of Equitorial Guinea's dictator. Yes, totally jaw-dropping. The Guardian had an article this morning about politics and gentrification by examining a doomed 60s housing project in south London. Fun for the whole family!

In other news, Ben & Jerry's apparently has a new flavour, with CHIPS IN IT. And salted caramel! I want it for the eating, so let's get on that, everybody.
joey comeau

I put a couple dirty stories online for you to read!

The Girl who Couldn't Come

and Edith part one and Edith part two.

Both are from my new collection of dirty stories!