Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I'm loving the submissions to GOOD's Redesign the Recipe contest. Lots of great interpretations, from illustrators, designers and photographers. There's some really innovative ideas for showing things like the passage of time, and concurrent steps.

If you'd prefer to read a thing, maybe try Joshua Allen's new Ten Sexy Ladies series? He's rating everything ever, on a scale of one to ten ladies. This one is a good place to start, if you ask me (nobody did). Or maybe just take it from here:

"For years I went to Supercuts where stoned trainees would take one look at my cowlick and panic and shave all my hair off and ruin my chances with the ladies for like six weeks j/k I have never known the touch of a woman aside from a sympathetic pat on the shoulder accompanied by the words yeah no."
joey comeau

I put a couple dirty stories online for you to read!

The Girl who Couldn't Come

and Edith part one and Edith part two.

Both are from my new collection of dirty stories!