Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
One of my most beloved childhood authors died on the weekend, Diana Wynne Jones. She wasn't terribly well-known, but those who read her books tended to become fanatical (at least, I certainly did). She was one of the most original and deft plotters around, and managed to populate her books with kids and adults who felt real, whether endowed with magical powers or not. Heroines were active without being reduced to being merely spunky, and heroes were never everyman ciphers. There's a nice remembrance of her in the Guardian right now, if her name sounds familiar but you're not sure from where, it's probably explained in there!
joey comeau
I made a website where you can read almost all of my books for free! You can read Lockpick Pornography, on there. And the sequel, We All Got it Coming. I'm a terrible business man, maybe, but at the end of the day, with books like Lockpick - Money is nice, but I would much rather someone be able to read them even if they can't afford a book right now, or more importantly - if they can't order a book like Lockpick safely because they still live at home with their parents. My other books are readable online too, though not for the exact same reasons. Bible Camp Bloodbath and my new book of dirty stories, The Girl who Couldn't Come are online too, but that's just because I like the idea of people being able to read those crazy things for free. And if they like it, maybe they buy it. My books make pretty good gifts for people you want to unsettle.

Also, I posted a photo essay about what it's like to be friends with Ryan North.