Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Yes, it's election time in Canada! The above is maybe the most oft-used attempts to persuade people to take an interest in the running of their country (/city/state/province/student government). But to use the second-most-abused cliché, young people have been rising up all over the world to rid their nations of dictators this spring, and still, the thing North American youth are known most for is their total lack of political engagement.* So if you're Canadian, maybe give voting a shot, this time. It's easy! No one will try to shoot you!

You don't have to be registered ahead of time, check here to find out what ID you should to bring to the poll (you can find out where your poll is here). Don't know who to vote for? Take this quiz to find out which of the major parties lines up best with your opinions.

* yes, I know that voting is only the beginning of political engagement, but we're never going to have a government that responds to our concerns unless we take a hand in choosing it.
joey comeau
I made a blog post about my mom and her insane pinball skills.

My book One Bloody Thing After Another is nominated for the SHIRLEY JACKSON AWARD! AHHHHH