Save us from ourselves!
emily horne

Border Town has launched a Kickstarter! We've finished our 10 weeks of meetings with the artists, now we're taking the resulting show of artwork to Detroit for the Detroit Design Festival. If you can kick us a bit of money, we will be able to pay for the trip, plus the artists' material costs. The 12 artists have made some awesome things, please help us pay them back!
joey comeau
It's September! That means that it is time for you to get the fall version of SPRING FEVER! Doesn't everyone on the street look so good you could just eat them! But you shouldn't. That is just your brain having problems. You do not really want to eat them, probably! Probably you just want to get to know them so well that you can kiss, and then kiss maybe again and again until it is time to stop kissing and you can just go about your business until you see someone even BETTER.