Save us from ourselves!
emily horne

Joey and I got a little crazy one day, and decided we would make a magnet set so that you can make your own ASWs with your own photos and your own filthy brain! Our pal Ryan made a magnet set too, we've all gone MAGNET CRAZY

Oh and you guys, I'm reading a good book! Maybe you should also read a good book? Just sayin'
joey comeau
The final chapter of We are Become Pals is up. This is a story by Joey Comeau and Jess Fink. It is about two friends, and maybe it will make you feel happy in your heart. We hope you like it.

Also, I have been writing a lot on my horror movie blog, Into Survival. My most recent posts have been about why it's okay to dislike reading subtitles, and why terrible originals can feel better than terrible remakes and maybe even an exploration of self-deceit by the perpetrators of sexual violence.