Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I started listening to a podcast this week (thanks to Tara Ariano) called You Made it Weird. Yes, it's another Comedian Talks To Other Comedians podcast, but I've found it to be really interesting, in terms of hearing other people in creative professions talking about how to balance their lives, and figure out where their careers are going. If you wonder about that sort of thing, it might be for you.
joey comeau
So, there a book called Outwitting Squirrels. The fact that there exists a guide to outwitting squirrels makes me happy in ways I can't even express. But even better? Customers who bought "Outwitting Squirrels" also bought Good to Go: Preparing for the end of life. You know, in case they don't manage to outwit the squirrels. They can make arrangements, let their families know what to do with their squirrel-ravaged bodies.