Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Thanks to all who came out for the Border Town Design Jam this weekend, it was great! There are some photos and links up over at the blog that you can check out. This was the first Design Jam that I've seen in action, and I can say now that no matter what your skills are, it's well worth coming out and throwing some ideas around!

I'm totally obsessed with this flickr set called Peculiar Snapshots. It's like the best box of yard sale photos anyone has ever found. Seriously, this one? Or this one!? Best!
joey comeau
I have been up til 5am every night this week, making our site look the same except a bit nicer and a bit more functional. I hope you like it!

Also, I posted an audio file of me reading my story, Red Delicious and a big, mythologizing post about my friendship with the delightful Maggie Dort!