Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
You know our search button, up there on the right above the comic? It works again! Thanks to a reader from our Facebook page who put in a huge amount of work transcribing comics, the database is up to date! So if there's a comic that you can't find, just enter the text right here and all your dreams will come true (I assume).
joey comeau
I don't know if there is any idea nicer than this blog of people hugging dogs that my very wonderful and attractive friend Bryanna made. Lately I've been feeling homesick, so here is a big post about playing pinball with my mom. Also, my friends Chris and Julia have been updating their new comic every week, and maybe you will like it? I love the art especially. It's called Last Words. And, finally, these photos of Truman Capote's studio are so lovely and amazing!