Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I just found a new podcast that I'm pretty into, called Love + Radio. I was listening to the last story in this episode the other night, while in the basement of the library, all alone. I might have cried a real tear? Let's never speak of it again, friends.
joey comeau
I am doing a reading tomorrow, April 10th, in Toronto. Details at the link below. My friend Derek is sick with some disgusting and intriguing type of horrific cancer, and his friends are throwing him a fundraising art sale. He has some PRETTY FAMOUS FRIENDS, it turns out. It's not an auction, so you could buy some crazy art here. There's a David Altmejd sculpture, even, for ridiculously cheap. It is a sculpture of Derek's deadly, mysterious spleen. Click here to find culture and help my best friend.