Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I'm liking this series on the Smithsonian's Design Decoded blog on air travel. It's always interesting to see the compromises made in the name of balancing maximum efficiency and some kind of comfort. this one on meal trays is neat, as is the piece on Teague, the company that's been designing interiors for Boeing for 80 years.

Let's get muggy! It's summertime, after all! Guess whose shit I am totally sick of?
joey comeau
To: ECW Press
From: Joey Comeau

Hey guys, you've probably noticed the book trailer for The Complete Lockpick Pornography that I uploaded today! If not, here's the link: Coca-Cola made me gay

Obviously I'm more than happy to dedicate my time and energy to the project for free, because it's my book and I want it to do well. But I had to pay for that 5-Star hotel on my credit card, and the rent-boy needed to be paid in advance out-of-pocket. I don't expect to be fully compensated for the 6-hour session, as I did get some personal benefit out of his company, but I think that it's only fair ECW cover the time we dedicated to making the trailer. All in all, I think $500 should cover it.

Please email me if you have any questions, or need a receipt from either the hotel or Michael.