Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
We just got back from SPX last night! It was a great time, as per usual. We even met a reader who has an ASW tattoo, you can take a look at it on our FB page, if you like things with words on them.
joey comeau
It would be a mistake to picture life as a straight line from birth to death. Life is more like an island we wander across, following trails or making our own. Picture an island, covered with trees, rivers, valleys, filled with other people. On all sides of this island, death is a quiet ocean with unpredictable tides. Everyone eventually finds the shore, and looks out at a sea that might very well be nothing at all, it is so silent. After the noise and bustle of the island, that quiet is unnerving. But it's too late now. Those tides are strong, and they are swept away.

And the instant their head is pulled under the waves, they can hear whale song and the shuffle of crabs and lobster across the ocean's floor. There is something here. Something they wouldn't know how to explain, even if they could get back to shore. So, they don't try. They let the tides pull them deeper and deeper, and nobody on the island knows.