Overqualified: The demon in Joey

To: Human resources, Lung Association
Re: Arts and Crafts Director

I'm applying for a job as Arts and Crafts director for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, as advertised on the Internet. Enclosed, you'll be happy to find my resume, which is a document detailing my previous work experience, and my skill set. I had my secretary put it together.

The first thing you will notice is that I am slightly overqualified for this position. Please don't let this deter you from considering me. I assure you that I am applying for this job because I believe very strongly in what you do at the Lung Association, and I believe that my talents would be of use to you. You've done so much for me, and I just want to give back. I feel that I have a lot to give, and I think you'll agree that I'm the sort of creative person you are looking for.

While I was CFO at Maritime Life, I ran an underground newsletter in our office entitled "Peggy's got a wart," which was a forum for the more creative of our employees to vent about their frustrations with office life. We published everyone from the vice president down to mail room clerks, and everyone remained anonymous.

Often I would be called upon to write short-notice pieces to fill space when someone did not meet their deadline, and I published some of my best work under a tight schedule, including my one act play "Revolution's fine, but give me the high fives and the hugs and I'm happy". This magazine was an eye opening experience for me, and since then I have actively looked for high pressure situations, as I believe that I work best under pressure.

The magazine was a critical success, too. We published six issues in the year I was CFO, and we were a feature in corporate issue of the zine review magazine Broken Pencil, not to mention the advertising interest we garnered from the Xerox corporation and Timex. But the life of a CFO was not for me. I have a facility with finance but no passion for it, and so I moved on.

Next, I put my self-publishing skills to good use during a brief stint as CTO of Microsoft Canada, where I published a collection of my personal comics using the company's in house printing services. The machines were designed for perfect binding user manuals, which do not normally run below sixty pages, but I was able to produce enough material to fill these extra pages.

My comic was titled "The Demon in Joey", and it dealt with the profound changes I went through after having a lung replaced. I anthropomorphized my lung with big silly eyes, and I tried to explore the confusion and anger that I went through as a part of my body turned against me. At times the comic is dark, dealing with betrayal and fear, but in the end there is a feeling of redemption. A redemption courtesy of The Lung Association of Nova Scotia I might add.

As you can see, I'm a very creative person, and I am quite dedicated to giving something back to the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. I could easily deal with working with children, if I had to. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this position.

Yours Truly,

Joey Comeau.