Overqualified: you're such a child

To: Human resources, Northwood Child Care
Re: Preschool Teacher

I'm writing to apply for the position of Preschool Teacher with Northwood Child Care, as advertised on the Internet. Attached, you will find my resume.

I am returning to Mount Saint Vincent University in the fall, where I will enter my third year of the Early Childhood Education program. I have been away from school, recently, on a two year hiatus. I believe that this hiatus has done me nothing but good. It has opened my eyes, and I am returning to my childcare studies with a completely new perspective. And I have your childcare centre to thank for that.

Your dedication to the care and education of our nation's youth has been an inspiration to me. I was on the devil's road before you. Without the guiding force of your example, I have no idea how I may have ended up. I can tell you that it may not have been a pretty sight. My life was forever changed when I first discovered you, when I heard about the good that you and your people do.

That was two years ago now, but it seems like yesterday. I first learned about your Child Care Centre when I saw the beautiful millennium flag your children designed, which flew at the Tall Ships 2000. This flag was one of the last things I saw before I began the two years of my correctional sentence and the image really stuck with me. It represented the promise of the future, and the ability to leave our past mistakes behind. During the course of my sentence, I realized where my life had gone wrong, and that I had been pursuing Childhood Education for all the wrong reasons.

As my resume indicates, I have extensive experience working with children. I've worked in Day Cares and afterschool programs for as long as I can remember. But more important than my experience with teaching children is my volunteer experience in prison. I have never felt more at home than when I was helping my fellow inmates with literacy problems. It was there that I really learned the satisfaction that comes from helping someone to discover their full potential.

It was a difficult two years, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. They helped me to find a genuine love of teaching within myself, and it has since replaced the aimlessness that first led me to early childhood care. I would have graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education because an ex-girlfriend once told me that I was good with kids. That isn't something that a career should be based on, and I'm not proud of that, but I feel that I have so much more to offer now.

I want to help children to discover their talents, I want to instill in them a sense of honour, and by my example, I want to reinforce that tired old adage "Crime does not pay." I want to do this at Northwood.

I look forward to hearing from you about this position,


Joey Comeau.