Overqualified: Dear Mister Mayor

To: The Mayor of Halifax
Re: Writing

Dear Mr Mayor,

I am a firm believer in the antiquated notion that true love still exists, and that the full moon can bring about strange changes in salesmen and cosmetics counter persons. This does not make me a loon, merely a romantic. I am certain that you, of all people, must know the fine line that one such person must walk.

I have no formal training in either programming or writing. And I must admit more success with the former. I taught myself to program, and have had reasonable success maintaining my moderate quality of living with programming work. Yet I long to write full-time.

Being unemployed currently, and searching for work, has allowed me to spend more time writing alone in my room in the morning with the sun blocked out by my modified shower curtain drapes. It is a satisfying but frustrating thing. So I am writing to ask you for advice. As the most powerful man in our fair city, you must certainly have some idea of how a person who is gifted with an amazing grasp of the English language can make the most of those skills, and of that quiet dream in his heart, to WRITE, just to write, for a living.

I won't waste another minute of your time. Thank you for taking the trouble to read this far. I hope that you can help. I know you are a very busy man, and it may be some time before you can reply. Maybe you could lend me like $10,000 in the interim, so I could take a course or something?


Joey Comeau