Overqualified: You can't hand out candy apples with broken thumbs.

To: Human Resources, Northwood Care
Re: Marketing position

I am writing to apply for the position of marketing director at Northwood Care. You want someone who can meet your subscriber and revenue growth needs. I believe I could help you surpass them. Iím including my resume, which details the extensive experience I have working in marketing, as well as my experience with the elderly and the physically changed.

But allow me to propose something. Your company cares for the elderly and the infirm. In order to understand how you can increase the number of your subscribers, I think it is valuable to examine the reasons that people choose to lodge themselves or their loved ones in your care.

When people are no longer able to take care of themselves, or when their loved ones are no longer able to take care of them, it is sometimes best for them to seek professional care. But what if there were other pressures that led people to seek your services? What if you yourself were to introduce new market pressures, creating need where before there had been none?

Imagine, if you will, an elderly woman with an adequate retirement fund. This woman has no family, but she takes good care of herself, and has no need for your services. She is in good health. Your old marketing strategists would have looked on this woman as being outside of your potential subscriber base, and that is a mistake.

What if that woman were to fall out of the back of a speeding car and break her hip irrevocably? If this woman lived in your small town, she would have several options for care. She may choose you, she may not. Itís a free country. But what if someone had whispered a suggestion to her before she accidentally fell from that car? What if she felt she would be somehow safer at your home for the infirm and the physically changed? Somehow less likely to find herself physically changed again?

I hope that you will contact me about this position. I feel that we could make great things happen together, and we could help a large number of people find the care and more importantly, the security they need.


Joey Comeau