Overqualified: THE FCC: My resume indicates a previous position avec your mom?

To: The FCC
Re: So many positions! So little time!

Dear FCC,

I am writing to you because I am looking for a position with your agency. As my cover letter will indicate, my experience encompasses a variety of positions with a wide range of agencies.

Often, in interviews, I am asked why I have spent time with so many different agencies. There is a worry there, that I am unable to commit my skills to a single agency. This is based, I think, on the false premise that for a business relationship to be successful, it has to last forever. Every agency will surprise me with new positions, and I'll be forced to adapt, to enhance my skill set to allow me to satisfy the needs of this new agency. These skills have served me well, and I believe they will serve you well.

Allow me to present an example of one of these professional situations in which I was well served by the expanded skill set that I have developed through my experiences in various positions with agencies over the years. I accepted a contract with a small agency downtown. I contacted this agency via an internet site devoted to establishing such business relationships, a "headhunter" site.

I was unaware that there would be two companies involved, and when I arrived to work I was initially skeptical. I had never worked a position that required me to coordinate business relations between two agencies concurrently. However, I found that my skill set allowed me to successfully bring the contracts to their conclusion. Three times, with one of the companies.

Sometimes, however, I share the concerns of potential agencies, that my experience is too broad-ranging, that I may in fact be overqualified. There is a part of me that believes very strongly in the old fashioned value of careerism, that believes you should spend your entire life with one company, loyal and true. I'm too young, though. I have too much to do. Don't I?

I wish there was a clear answer, but in the interim I feel that satisfaction could come by helping you force these morals on the broadcast material available to the public.

I've included some photographs of my "resume" for your review. My resume is 8.5 inches, uncut.


Joey Comeau