Overqualified: Hallmark: Know what I mean?

To: Hallmark
Re: Greeting Card Design

Dear Hallmark,

Thank you for taking the time to review my greeting card ideas.

Idea #1

The front cover is a picture of Jim Varney, dressed as Ernest P. Worrell, painters cap, overalls, making a face. The caption reads "When Jim Varney died, I was devastated. To everyone else, he was a joke, but I felt as though I'd lost the last of my childhood." Inside text: "You make me want to climb trees and catch frogs again."

Idea #2

Front cover, a to-do list, scrawled on a note pad. The text reads "1. Do dishes. 2. Pick up light bulbs. 3. Tell the woman I love that she means the world to me." Inside text: "4. Apologize for pressuring her into letting someone else come to bed with us."

Idea #3

The cover is a picture of a puppy dog - big sad eyes. A Golden Retriever, maybe, some breed that everyone loves, something vulnerable. The text on the front reads, "You think love has to last forever for it to be real. You think it isnít true love unless it lasts until one of us is dead." Inside text: "Youíre confusing love with dog fighting."

Idea #4

Front cover, a pretty butterfly, pinned under glass. The text reads "I'm glad you stayed." There is no inside text.


Joey Comeau.