Overqualified: amazon: already

to: amazon
re: database programmer

Amazon, Let me first thank you for taking the time to review my Resume. Enclosed, it should help illustrate just why i Am the right choice for a database programming position. Don't be disuaded by my lack of professional experience in this field, as there are many similarities between my full time hobby picking fights with fortune tellers and shamans, and developing best path and rudimentary artificial intelligence algorithms. i am certain that You will find me a valuable addition to your team.

I Have fits, sometimes. Unconscious, my body continues to act, Neither awake nor really asleep. Generally my unconscious body is only capable of watching reality television or reading books by doctor phil. Except, once, i woke to find that i'd written scraps of poetry and computer code with the red pen i used for practicing my spelling and capitalization skills. Red ink stained my fingers.

For life is a grey slug lifting weights to impress a lady unicorn
Or, as Rimbauld said, "a fax machine that runs on broken hearts"
a backend position with jungle books
will sate my

and when i typed in the source code, when i compiled it and executed it, my screen flashed once, and i thought i caught a glimpse of my father's face and just two words, all in capitals like some hidden message from the machine itself. the encyclopedia-assed gypsy i slapped said that my evil would come forth and "consume all of existence" or something. it's hard to tell what someone is saying when their head wobbles like that.

it almost seems now, as if every time i sit to program i have one of my fits, and when i wake there are pages and pages of code i don't understand. still, the programs all work just fine. my whole computer is new, and corrects me as i type.

i wish i could remember those two words. i feel like i'm not sleeping well at night.


joey comeau