Overqualified: Trial and error are my speciality.

To: Human resources, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Re: Systems Analyst.

I'm applying for the position of Systems Analyst in the Transplantation Services Department of your hospital, as advertised on the Internet. I'm currently working as a Systems Analyst for Ford Motors of Canada, but I am looking for a position in Medical Science, and I am including my resume for your review.

I have always had a strong interest in medicine, and it is that interest which originally attracted me to the sciences in the first place. Circumstances have led me to Computer Science, but it seems that now I am being given the chance to follow my dreams. I can leave behind the cold and lifeless world of automotive manufacturing, and embrace the emotionally satisfying warmth of medicine.

As my resume indicates, my duties at Ford Motors included leading the programming team in charge of assembly line robotics. My experience there taught me about the maximum speed and force with which you could have the robot insert a new part, without damaging the chassis of the vehicle. I feel that this experience will translate almost seamlessly to Transplantation Services at your hospital, and I think you will agree.

While at Ford I also worked to lead a team in designing a system for locating defects in the assembly line vehicles. It constituted a waste of resources and time to assemble vehicles which were not up to standard, and I wonder if this philosophy might not be something that the Medical Science world is ready to embrace.

But what it all comes down to is this; I am a resourceful, and innovative programmer. I am not afraid of learning new things, and I know when trial and error is a faster way to get something done than research. I can be a hard task master to those beneath me in the chain of command, but the results of that show in my production figures.

I feel that I would make a vital and innovative member of your team. Too often I feel that industries are the victim of over-specialization, and I feel that my breadth of experiences and attitudes toward Transplantation Services would give your department the distinction that it may well require.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding my qualifications.

Yours In Anticipation,

Joey Comeau.