Overqualified: BBC: why not choose love?

To: The BBC
Re: Why not choose love?

Dear BBC,

You're busy, so allow me to get right to the point. When I turn on my television all I get is violence and grisly crime procedurals and nail biting suspense and face hiding awkwardness.

I want a television show for adults about best friends. A show that isn't just about sex or work or situational comedy. My mother never dates my boss. My gay best friend never starts his own one man show to hilarious results. When my friends are over, we walk down by the waterfront. We cook steak and talk about our day. Why aren't there any shows that glamorize our lives, that use long quiet shots of sunny days to get an emotional reaction from the audience - instead of nudity or cussing?

TV can be entertaining and emotionally satisfying without being entirely escapist. Why can't our children grow up with at least some examples of the real pleasures that life has to offer? I want a show about friendship and simple pleasures, BBC. I think a lot of other people do too. I want bike rides and picnics and cold beer and Scrabble. And it'd be pretty funny if we make all the characters white supremacists who are on vacation in Africa due to a travel agency mixup.


Joey Comeau